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Construction Contracting for the Owner – Scope of Work

It is an easy enough question, what is the scope of your project? For example it may be simply to reroof the building. However, what materials should be used, what will be done with damaged plywood decking, does the existing roof need to be pulled off or can it be roofed over? These are all basic questions that need to be addressed from what appeared to be a simple question.

As the owner, the scope is very important for purposes of knowing what your expectations are and that the contractor understands those expectations.  The scope will also impact the price. In our reroof example, what is the contractor doing with the air conditioner stands on the flat roof? Are they being removed and put back, or the being removed and new ones put in? Can the work be done with the air conditioning units in place?  Whether a reroof or any construction work the scope of the work needs to be clear and defined for everyone’s benefit.

Ensure that the terms of the contract pertaining to the scope are worded clearly enough that you as the owner understand it. Make sure the contract addresses the scope of work. Make sure the scope is what you understand it to be. If you do no see something in the scope that you believe should be there then bring it up to your design team and make sure it is put it in. Do not leave it out and assume that everyone is on the same page.  Next week we will be discussing types of construction contracts.

Sanjay Kurian

Sanjay Kurian is a Board Certified Construction Lawyer and is a member of the Firm’s Construction Law and Litigation group. He is AV Rated Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell. He has also been selected again as a Super Lawyer in 2018, which is a recognition by his peers of the top 5% of lawyers in Florida.

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