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Defective Construction Products

Unfortunately for property owners, manufacturing and workmanship defects are prevalent in the building industry.Such defects not only represent a large cost to Community Associations and homeowners in terms of repairs, but they can also present serious health and safety issues and reduce the value of the property.

I am going to identify and address, in a series of postings, some of the building products which have been alleged to be defective, and about which lawsuits have been filed.If your property was constructed with any of these materials, or you have an issue with a different material, it may be in your best interest to contact a professional in order to protect your rights and interests.

If you are unsure whether any of these products were utilized in the construction of your home or condominium, it may be necessary to consult any warranty you may have, speak with your property manager or hire an independent contractor to examine the materials.


MI Windows and Doors, with its headquarters in Pennsylvania and manufacturing plants across the country, is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of vinyl, aluminum and composite windows and doors.Throughout the United States, property owners are filing complaints against MI Windows regarding defects in their 8500 and 3500 Series Windows. A class action lawsuit has been instituted in North Carolina against MI Windows.

Despite the fact that these property owners and homes are spread throughout the country, homes constructed with these windows are experiencing similar, significant water intrusion, leading to water damage not only to the window, but to the building materials adjacent to the window, floors and carpets.

A design and manufacturing defect has been alleged against MI Windows in several lawsuits.Several experts working on behalf of the property owners have concluded that the windows are poorly designed and manufactured, the result of which is water entering through the window assemblies during normal rain events.Many property owners have been forced to make costly repairs to their homes and/or replace the defective windows at great expense.As we all know, water intrusion into a home will ultimately lead to several problems including rotting, mold growth and significant damage to the underlying structure of a home.

If you have MI Window 8500 and 3500 Series Windows in your home or condominium, you would be well advised to investigate the matter further and determine whether or not you need professional assistance and/or have a claim against the manufacturer. For those builders utilizing these windows, they would be well advised to get guarantees from the manufacturer that the windows will function properly once installed.





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