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Myths about Common Law Implied Warranties and the effect of the anti-Maronda Legislation

  On Tuesday I had the pleasure of being in Tallahassee and testifying at the House Civil Justice Subcommittee meeting against HB 1013 (the House equivalent of SB 1196). The Senate Judiciary Committee meeting scheduled for that afternoon was canceled and has been rolled over to next week.  Although my opinion on this legislation can be found here, here, here, here and here, I was interested in hearing the remarks of the Bill's sponsor and others in support of the bill.  After hearing those comments and having subsequent discussions with individuals supporting the bill it became clear to me that there existed several myths about common law implied warranties and the need for legislative action which needed to be addressed. Myth 1: The legislature must act immediately. This push by certain legislators to pass this bill by the end of this session ignores that the Supreme Court heard oral argument on the Lakeview case in the first week of December.  The issue...